Most business owners are still throwing their advertising dollars against the proverbial wall and seeing how much sticks. Let IPerfectleads show you a better way.

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iPerfectLeads uses predictive modeling to identify a perfect lead for both B2B and B2C clients. We then reach those leads across multi devices with our proprietary RTB and Programmatic software providing high quality sales ready sales leads

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We reach 250 million consumers and 18 million business. On the business side we can we can reach named organizations, industry groups and decision makers at scale.

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iPerfectleads Media specializes  in providing enterprise digital marketing solutions and business growth development for small to medium size B2B and B2C businesses.  We use “BIG Data” and “Predictive Analytics”  to supply our clients with a continuous supply of high quality sales leads, increase customer acquisition as well as maximizing profits from existing customers targeted-marketing-300x209

Our lead generation system is light years ahead of any other marketing strategy, using extremely effective  neuro scientific designed display advertising we .reach qualified  prospects when and where  they are ready to transact regardless of the device they may be using.   We are a 100% turn-key marketing  solution for SMB’s  providing campaign implementation, creative design, landing page design, analytics  and reporting  and use  the  same data-driven system that Fortune 500  spend millions of dollars a year to use and only recently is available to small and medium size businesses.

Our Value Added (VA) solution is an alternative  to  spending tens of thousands of dollars in developing, staffing and financing  an internal marketing department.  The  “Perfect  Lead  System”  uses predictive modeling,  machine learning and the most sophisticated algorithms available  to create a “Perfect Audience” of prospects with the highest propensity to buy. This substantially reduces advertising waste by eliminating  the need to market to unresponsive prospects and provides guaranteed performance results.  A Perfect Audience is  a   profiled, segmented and highly targeted group of   offline  consumers or businesses (similar to the way you would create a list for  direct mail) that has been matched to attributes of  your ideal customer”  and key variables  for your industry, giving businesses the ability to target audiences from over 750 verified demographics,  socioeconomics and psychographics attributes for consumers, plus contextual categories and website content that best align  with your audience and firmographics for businesses.

Using proprietary algorithmic software to create a  Perfect Audience which  includes prospects that have scored high for  being  responsive to your marketing message, and reduces prospects who are unlikely to respond to your advertising campaign. Marketers have to supply their prospects with information they are looking for and become their trusted adviser.  Using patented software that profiles, categorizes, analyzes data  and maps the attributes of nearly all of the U.S. and Canadian internet delivery points,  your  Perfect Audience, along with the option  to upload your  existing  CRM files, mailing  lists or log files, gets converted into a range of online IP addressees (IP Address Targeting).   This enables us to reach your ideal prospect across multiple channels and devices including desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphones, IP radio, smart TV,  and  social media at home or at the office. If scale is in your marketing mix, using public data sources we have access to over  250 million individuals, 140 million households,  18 million businesses, 25 million domains, 20 million WiFi hotspots, across the U.S and Canada,  we can  reach your ideal customer regardless of your industry, product or service.

This technology allows us to  eliminate the need to use a cookie-based advertising delivery system. With over half of all consumers already blocking cookies at the browser level and many mobile devices unable to accept cookies, it is estimated that less than 30% of unique online users are active and reachable by an advertiser. Compare that  to the  Perfect Leads System that can reach nearly 100% of your target audience online, regardless of the device they are using.

We reach your  prospects using  “SmartAds™, Neuro scientific and emotionally charged display, video, rich media, native and dynamic ads, our system will also determine the optimal  ad size, time of day and day of week that best engages your prospect and  deliver a relevant message  across  a plethora of  devices and online channels.

“Data-driven marketing is the process of collecting and connecting large amounts of
online data with traditional offline data, rapidly analyzing and gaining
cross-channel insights about customers, and then bringing that insight to
market via highly personalized marketing campaigns tailored to the customer at his/her point of need.”

Predictive Analytics (PA)  is an important component of  the Perfect Lead System’s success. It has been known for centuries, beginning  with Vilfredo Pareto, and the discovery  of the 80/20 rule, that there are a “vital few” prospects in any market, approximately 20%, that are responsible for the majority  of a company’s profit, approximately 80%, and are  considered high value prospects.  These prospects, either residential or commercial, can have anywhere from 50% to 500%  higher life time value (LTV) compared to the  average sales lead.   PA identifies these prospects and  we  target market to them  initially. Marketing to the “right prospect”, at the “right time”, with the “right message”, on the “right device”, in the “right channel” can turn a reasonably  funded  marketing campaign into an extraordinary revenue behemoth.  We use only the most sophisticated  Real Time Bidding (RTB) software  and Programmatic Buying technology  to delivery SmartAds™ to your vetted prospects.   We  provide  complete transparency to the attributes that define each Perfect Audience, and provide bi-weekly reporting of all Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for easy to understand campaign performance  results. Wasted advertising dollars can be a thing of the past, today’s elite  marketers use data and analytics  to drive important business decisions.   SmartAds™  are like direct mail online,  but  without the printing or postage and delivered  at a fraction of the cost.

Predictive Marketing For Existing Customers

As part of our Value Added services we can create  “Predictive Models”  from  your customer database or CRM. These  models are used  to identify “low hanging fruit” and increase the LTV of existing customers and  can be used by a sales force or within a Perfect Audience marketing campaign to immediately generate top line revenue with a  minimum of effort or expense.   Predictive Marketing  also maintains  top line  revenue by reducing  customer attrition, ultimately,  improving a businesses’  bottom line . Here are just a few of the models you can use  to increase your company’s profit picture.

“Propensity to Buy Model”
“Churn Model”
“Strategic & Tactic Decisions Model”
“Next Best Activity/Offer/Product Model”
“Email Optimization Model”
“ROI Simulation Forecasting Model

Perfect Privacy

The  Perfect Lead System lets you reach a targeted audience at scale  without using cookies or tracking individual behavior or usage patterns, the IP address does not contain personally identifiable information (PII),  it’s an anonymous way to aggregate the audiences you need, like home owners, baby boomers, affluent consumers, owners of businesses or executives of large corporations,  employees within  large corporations from public data sources such as Federal Reserve, Dept of Commerce, National Phone Directories, Voter Registration,  The Bureau of Economic Analysis and the IRS.  All sources meet or exceed the privacy guidelines of the DMA, IAB, TRUSTe,  FTC and the government’s “Privacy Bill of Rights.”

Perfect Leads

With  pinpoint accuracy we identify and create your Perfect Audience,  launch the most effective SmartAds  and dollar for dollar present to you the highest possible quality sales leads and the  lowest customer acquisition cost,   leads, compared to any other form of traditional advertising, with a minimal of advertising  waste.

Problem Solved

The problems facing a SMB when attempting to use  “Big Data”, and  RTB  is the high cost of entry.  It’s not unusual,  for agencies   to require a commitment of  $30,000 to $50,000 a  month ad spend.   Another draw back for a SMB is limited data, most platforms rely on proprietary algorithms or machine learning and need  a sufficient amount of impressions  to  “auto-optimize” their campaigns. This allows the algorithms to analyze and optimize  display advertising in real time  for optimal campaign performance. Most  businesses do not generate a sufficient amount of  data to “auto-optimize” thus losing the machine learning aspect  that makes up an important part of online marketing success.  This is why we created  “anonymous partnering”  we take businesses in similar industries, but in different markets  and group their campaigns together. Each individual business is totally unaware and  is “anonymous” to the other,  this allows us to use “BIG DATA” on a large scale, but within a local market. Your Perfect Audience also gets compared to  the performance of  all audiences in a category. Based on data from over 4000 campaigns and billions of impressions in 265 contextual categories,  each partner gets the  benefit of being part of a large scale marketing campaign, without the barrier of fhaving  spending o a $30,000 to $50,000  a month  on advertising.  iPerfectLeads gives SMB’s  the opportunity to leverage cost  effectively  the latest in online marketing technology and data driven marketing,  in a way that only large corporation with million dollar ad budgets could afford to do so in the past.

Are We the iPerfect Match?

We can manage  a national, state or regional campaign. The Perfect Lead System  is ideal for  the Luxury automobiles industry, Financial Services, Heathcare, Insurance, Travel,  RV dealers, boat dealers, home improvement,  franchise operators,  and B2B. Companies that  attend  home or trade show and other businesses currently spending at least  $10, 000  running online or offline campaigns such as print, TV, radio,  OOH. In addition, to providing new customers and  high quality sales leads for your business,  SmartAds  also generate substantial  Lift  for your existing offline campaigns.

First Impressions Start the Conversation

Your “First  Impression” whether a display, video, mobile, or  rich media SmartAd™,  delivered on a desktop, laptop. tablet or smartphone,  only starts the conversation, unless integrated with a complete marketing system it is easy to see why many online marketers get dismal results. Your prospect only chooses to  continue the  conversation with  compliance to  your “Calls To Action”, and effective lead nurturing furthers the dialog.  That is  why it is so important to work with a company that understands the  customer’s “Path to Purchase,” a path that takes him/her to nearly a dozen points of interest and across multiple device before the final conversion.    The Perfect Lead System offesr all the advantages of having a fully staffed elite marketing department to perform graphic designers, copywriter , computer and neuro scientists, web designers, conversion experts,  online marketing expertise, a campaign manager,  and more,  at your disposal without any of the downside of expensive staffing, office space, technology expertise & training, payroll, insurance, absenteeism, you get all top  level components necessary for successful lead generation  campaign. .  We offer a complete done for you (DFY) solution.

Tell us More

A quick evaluation will  determine if your company would benefit from the Perfect Lead System If so, we will  invite you  to attend an informative online Webinar that will answer any further  questions you might have, and how to get started  We keep the identity  of  each prospect’s  business confidential doing the webinar,  because with our exclusive no compete option.  The webinar will be  less than 60 minutes including a question and answer section at the end.