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At the Detroit Auto Show  the big three automakers were happy to report that U.S. consumers are buying new vehicles at the strongest pace in several years.   The brands also reported that they are changing their traditional marketing mix. They are shifting marketing dollars from television to the next generation of advertising  programmatic display, video, native and mobile advertising.

The affluent consumers are totally digitally connected, with 97% online. With this audience if you are not optimizing your digital online experience including mobile and cross-device capability, you are leaving money on the table for your competitors for scoop up.


A recent study by American Express stated, affluent households in the U.S. account for 50 percent of all retail sales, 70 percent of all retail margins, and over five trillion dollars in spending.

iPerfectleads offers  auto dealers unprecedented access to perspective  auto  buyers. Our proprietary system  uses “Big Data” and Predictive Analytics” to generate new auto buyers and drive  high quality traffic into your showroom. We offer a turn-key solution for a local dealership and use the same  measurable, data-driven marketing and  technological platforms used by all  the major automobile  manufactures who spend millions on advertising, to local dealers at a fraction of  cost. The Direct Mail Online System  uses predictive modeling and machine learning to create a “Perfect Audience”  of affluent luxury automobile prospects with the highest propensity to purchase.

A Perfect Audience is  a   profiled, segmented and highly targeted  offline group of consumers (similar to the way you would create a list for a direct mail campaign) that has been matched to attributes of your ideal automobile luxury  customer and  key variables  for the automobile industry giving dealers  the ability to target audiences from over 750 verified demographics,  socioeconomics and psychographics attributes, plus contextual categories and websites  content  that best align with a luxury auto buyer.  We evaluate the current make, model, year, ownership and the life stage and affluence of prospective buyers.  We rank the qualified buyers based on historic media activity in categories like auto, insurance and finance. Recent activity in select categories can be an indicator that buyers are in the market. We connect the dots on automobile buying behavior and generate maximum qualified prospects.

A Perfect Audience  includes prospects that have scored high for  being  responsive to your marketing message, and reduces prospects who are unlikely to respond to your advertising campaign.  Using patented software that profiles, categorizes, analyzes data  and maps the attributes of nearly all of the U.S. and Canadian internet delivery points,  your  Perfect Audience, along with onboarding options to upload your existing CRM past customers list, postal lists, log files, gets converted into a range of online IP addressees (IP Address Targeting). This enables us to reach your ideal prospect on a desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphones, IP radio, smart TV,  including social media channels at home or at the office. Using public data sources we have access to over  250 million individuals, 140 million households,  18 million businesses, 25 million domains, 20 million WiFi hotspots, across the U.S and Canada,  we can  reach your ideal customer regardless of your industry, product or service.

This technology allows us to  eliminate the need to use a cookie-based ad delivery system. With over half of all consumers already blocking cookies at the browser level and wiyh many mobile devices  unable to accept cookies, it is estimated that less than 30% of unique online users are active and reachable by an advertiser. Compare that  to our system that can reach nearly 100% of your target audience online, regardless of the device they are using.

We reach your  prospects using  “SmartAds™, Neuro scientifically and emotionally designed display, video, rich media, native and dynamic ads, our system will also determine the optimal  ad size, time of day and day of week that best engages your prospect and  delivers impressions across  desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Predictive Analytics identifies  prospects of high value and  we  target  them  initially. Marketing to the right prospect, at the right time, with the right message can turn a moderately  funded  marketing campaign into an extraordinary revenue behemoth.  We use only the most sophisticated  Real Time Bidding (RTB) algorithms  and Programmatic Buying technology  to delivery SmartAds™ to your vetted prospects.   You are provided with complete transparency to the attributes that define each Perfect Audience, and weekly reporting of all Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and easy to understand campaign performance  results. Wasted advertising dollars can be a thing of the past, today’s elite  marketers, use data and analytics  to drive important business decisions.   SmartAds™  are like direct mail online,  but  without the printing or postage and delivered  at a fraction of the cost.

iPerfect Privacy

A Perfect Audience lets you reach a scalable and targeted audiences without using cookies or tracking individual behaviors or usage patterns, the IP address does not contain personally identifiable information (PII),  it’s an anonymous way to aggregate the audiences you need, like home owners, baby boomers, affluent consumers, owners of businesses or executives of large corporations,  employees within  large corporations from public data sources such as Federal Reserve, Dept of Commerce, National Phone Directories, Voter Registration,  The Bureau of Economic Analysis and the IRS.  All sources meet or exceed the privacy guidelines of the DMA, IAB, TRUSTe,  FTC and the government’s “Privacy Bill of Rights.”


Cut Through The Noise

We go beyond basic demographics to pinpoint groups of households with similar characteristics, interests, or attributes such as income, modeled credit score as well as coverage of current auto ownership across the consideration sets of luxury sedans, SUV’s, and trucks.  “Look-Alike” targeting at-scale.  Imagine you’re a luxury automobile dealer. Your CRM data tells you a lot about people who buy your cars. But the plot really thickens when you draw on iPerfectleads  ability to drill down on data from  250 million consumers and 140 household.  What segments look like your very best customers? What make and model of cars do they buy? And what about other luxury spending like travel or electronics?  Add to this the media your  prospects consumes and you can customize campaigns, that will  serve the “Right Ad’ to the  “Right Person” at the Right Time” on the “Right Device.” Your prospects will now see SmartAds for things they actually want – and a relative message  that draws them in emotionally, popping up in their favorite places. In a world of clutter, this “individualism”  is exactly what cuts through the noise.

Smart Marketer

Smart marketers know that it is  not only what you send to a prospective auto buyer, but it is also how you send it. Media choice has become one of the most strategic aspects of  any online marketing campaign. iPerfectleads has a team of experts continually measuring ever SmartAds™ campaign to determine the most effective media type for each campaign. Whether delivered  across desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphone we got you covered. It’s imperative that your auto buyer consumes “what they want”, “when they want”, “where they want”, “how they want.”