Data Variables


Affluence Indicator Financial & Insurance Purchase & Interest Business-to-Business
Net Worth Salary Home Improvement Business Owner
Recession Sensitivity Invitation to Apply Index Maintenance /DIY Business Size
Discretionary Income Index Life Insurance Lawn & Garden Business Function
Income Range IRA/401K Renovation Revenue
Invested Assets Mutual Funds Travel Business Owners at Home
Vacation Property Owner Stocks Luxury Hotels Primary Industry
Home Market Value Recession Sensitivity Cruise Agriculture Animal
Overspender Business Income Rank Vacation Property Forestry
Political  Vehicle Timeshare Metal Mining
Political Party Compact Car Resort Coal Mining
Voter Status Coupe Destination Oil & Gas
Voter History Crossover Entertainment Building Construction
Voting Methods Luxury Crossover Theme Parks Heavy Construction
Liberal Donors Exotic Cultural Textile
Conservative Activists Foreign Sedan Enthusiasts Print
Conservative Donors Domestic Sedan Sports Spectators Publishing
Liberal Activist Luxury SUV Sports Participant Transportation
Household SUV Boating Wholesale Trade
Adult Ages Truck Camping Depository Institutions
Head of Household Motorcycle High End Outdoors Sec/Brokers
Gender RV Coin Stamp Collectors Exchanges Services
Age Non Profit Bargain Shoppers Insurance
Number of Adults Charitable Contributions Savvy Consumers Personal Services
Ethnicity International Aid Donors Fashion Accessories Business Services
Home Owner Food bank Donors Luxury Shoppers Auto Repair
Renter Animal Rescue Donors Home Entertainers Health Services
 Home Value Religious Donors Women Clothing Legal Services
Home Lot Size  Household Fitness Equipment Educational Services
 Education  Dwelling Type Pampered Pets Social Services
 Occupation Condo Heavy Equipment Art Museums
Length of Residence Multi-family Tractors Membership Organizations
Home Assessed Value Rural Waterfront Property National Security
Home Equity Available Single family Home Security Systems Government
Home Interest Rate Trailers Low Income Households Public Finance
Home Interest Type Modeled Custom Audiences Healthcare Tax/Monetary
Home loan to Value Business Owners at Home Affordable Care (Young) Food Stores
Home  Market Value Small Business Owners at Home Single Parents Auto Dealers
Home Size Sq Footage Business Professionals Medicare Supplements Apparel
New Movers Republican Activists Diabetics Home Furnishing
Recent Home Buyers Affordable Care Arthritis Food/Drink
Recent Mortgage Nationwide Arthritis Affordable Care Subsidized  Online Presence
Presence of Phone Nationwide Diabetes FaceBook Users
Life Stage Medicare Supplements Professional
Modeled Custom Audiences Family No Children Social
Women’s Clothing Family Children 17+
Travel Luxury Hotel Arts & Culture
Travel Cruise Theme Park Goers
Home Improvement