Home Improvement

DMO for Home Improvement Leads

A recent study by the joint Center for Housing Studies at  Harvard University says we’re entering boom times in home remodeling, with sales approaching $300 billion-the highest level since 2007. With 97 % of consumers using online media to investigate local services, home improvement contractors have to be proactive to reach qualified homeowners in their local market.


Whether  it”s hoHome Improvement toolsme  remodeling , kitchen remodeling,   appliances, windows, basement refinishing, roofing, additions, landscaping, swimming pools,  air conditioning  the  customer’s journey  starts online by reviewing the available products and services. Most  contractors have not embraced  the  plethora of  online marketing channels. Especially the idea of marketing only to consumers that welcome your marketing message.


iPerfectleads offers home Improvement contractors, access to a continuous supply of high quality home improvement  sales leads by  accessing  the billions of dollars of upcoming construction projects needed by local home owners,  by using our proprietary  Direct Marketing Online System (DMOS) lead generation system” limited leads will be a thing of the past.   Using “BIG DATA” and “Predictive Analytics” our system identifies prospects that have  the highest propensity to of the need for a a home improvement project  and builds a “Custom Audience” or  SmartList to be used within a marketing campaign.  A SmartList is  a profiled,  segmented and highly targeted  offline group of consumers that have been scored to match your ideal customer’s profile, and have been defined  by key variables for the home improvement industry  from over 750 verified demographics,  socioeconomics and psychographics attributes for consumers and firmographics for businesses, such as;

  • income
  • modeled credit score
  • net worth
  • home market value
  • type of dwelling
  • home equity value
  • lot size

to create the ideal  purchasing  candidates for the construction industry.

IP Address Targeting

Using patented software that  profiles, categorizes and maps the attributes of nearly all of the U.S. and Canadian internet delivery points we turn your SmartList  into a range of online IP addresses enabling us to reach virtually every home or business in the U.S.. This allows us to eliminate the need to use a cookie-based ad delivery system. With half of all consumers and many businesses already blocking cookies at the browser level and many mobile devices unable to accept cookies, it is estimated that less than 30% of unique online users are active and reachable with  traditional cookie-based advertising. Compared to IP Address Targeting that can reach nearly 100% of your target market online, regardless of the device they are using.

We reach your qualified prospects with SmartAds,”  Neuro scientifically designed display, video, native, dynamic and rich media ads, at home or at the office across desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

SmartAds™ are like  direct mail but delivered online, we use the same methodology of custom  audience building  that offline direct marketers have been using for decades along with the most recent scientific predictive analytics to laser target the most highly qualified prospects to eliminate advertising waste..

We then use a technology empowered Real Time Bidding (RTB) and Programmatic Buying platform to target  prospects with SmartAds on the device best suited by the individual.  We get the “right ad” to the “right person” at the “right time” on the “right device.”  If scale is part of your marketing strategy we can reach 250 million consumers,  18 million businesses, 20 million domains and over 20 million WiFi hotspots.

In today’s competitive market and with  the attention span of the average  consumer getting shorter every year, smart marketers know that it is now not only what you send to a prospective prospect, but it is also how you send it. Media choose has become one of the most strategic aspects of  any online campaign. iPerfectleads has a team of experts continually measuring ever SmartAd  to determine the most effective media type for each campaign. Whether the  media  is display, video, rich media, native or dynamic ads across desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones we got you covered. It’s imperative that your home of business construction  buyer consumes “what they want”, “when they want”, “where they want”, “how they want.”