Home Show 365


iPerfectleads is a digital marketing company that has created The Direct Marketing Online System  for generating high quality sales leads,  to the  B2C and B2B to the home improvement and construction.  industry.  We offer small and mediumOur scientific approach to online marketing uses Predictive Modeling and IP address targeting  to  identify the exact audience on behalf of our clients, who have  the highest propensity for a purchase. We then use Real Time Bidding and Programmatic Buying  technology   to deliver the most relevant  Neuro scientifically  designed online Display, Video, Rich Media, Native and Dynamic ads  across desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.  CAOM is like direct mail online, and has the same ability  to carefully define prospects by key variables for your industry from over 750 verified demographics,  socioeconomic and psychographics attributes for consumers and firnographics for businesses.

Many home improvement companies  decide to exhibit   at one or more of the100’s of  home shows that  are produced throughout the country  every year.  Home shows draw many different and unique exhibitors from local contractors to national franchises as well as prospects in every stage of the buying cycle.  Home shows which some refer to as “experiential marketing” can draw hundreds and even thousands of attendees over  the course of several days, can be very profitable and create some long lasting customer  relationships. They are not without their unique challenges and drawback however,  like many other forms of advertising. Many  home shows are held in cold weather states, oftentimes, severe and inclement  weather can substantially  reduce the attendance to a show that  normally produces a high volume of traffic. This can reduce the number and quality of leads that an exhibitors acquires. Another  problem  with home shows are the number of competing venders per square foot. It’s  not unusual, to have 5 or even 10 venders offering different variations of the same product under one roof. Even if the home show is profitable for most businesses they a limited to two or three weekends a year. Regardless of the challenges, competition and limited opportunity  many businesses will keep attending them with the hopes that  their profits will exceed their investment.  We created Custom Audience Online Marketing to supply high quality sales leads for home improvement companies not just a couple of weekends, but 365 days a year.

CAOM is a scientific approach to online marketing using Audience Targeting and Predictive Modeling to identify the same high quality prospects that would  attend a local home show and are looking to complete a home improvement project. Unlike a home show that is limited to a few weeks  a year we can deliver these  all year long. CAOM  delivers  online display advertisement to the most receptive audience possible. CAOM  is like direct mail, but delivered online, we can  target the exact the same demographics, socioeconomic and psychgraphics of  high quality home show “look-a-like” prospects, because our  sophisticated predictive modeler software leverage hundreds of variables and generates thousands of models per campaign  we have  the ability  to carefully define prospects by key variables for the home improvement  industry such  as home value, length of ownership, age of home,  net worth and over 750 verified attributes for consumers and  if you offer your services  commercially we can even target business.  CAOM is your first line of defense for generating high quality leads before during and after your next home show. Your can target local prospects weeks or month before a show to create a top of mind awareness and  take them totally off the market with no need to attend a show. or evaluate a competitor.  After the show we can target attendees at the show and look-a-like audiences for  the rest of the year. You can  know who is in the market for home improvement project not just a couple of  weeks a year, but 52. Would That help to grow your business?